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Workshop: Indonesia Umpire/Refferee Course with IITF Certification

Announcement to all Taekwon-Do and Taekwondo practitioner,

Indonesia Umpire/Refferee Course with IITF Certification will be held soon, this will be the first time in Indonesia.
This cource registration is open to all martial art practitioner, especially Taekwon-Do and Taekwondo practitioners.
This cource is a right opportunity for those who want to be umpire or refferee in ITF games, match, as well as championship.

Umpire Course will be brought dircetly by SabeumNim Kim Song Gi, Int'l Instructor & Coach, Referee

The detail of the cource will be as follow:
- Date: [Will Be Updated Soon]
- Time: [Will Be Updated Soon]
- Accomodation: Lunch
- Place: [Will Be Updated Soon]
- Seminar Fee: [Will Be Updated Soon]

This is the content of the course:
- Area of Impact
- Legal Attacking Tools
- Warning Area
- Deduction Point
- Hand Signal
- Judgement Side
- 4-Corners Referee
- Main Referee Position
- Applicaton Technique both for Referee, Judges and Player on the Spot

For those who need to enroll, please register by call to (62)859.599.66610, (62)815.8988.225, or (021)345.8471
Please provide:
- Full Name
- Dojang or Dojo
- Email

The registration will be closed at February 1st, 2009
For you note, to all blackbelt holders of ITF Taekwon-Do, this seminar is mandatory.

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