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IITF First Championship
IITF will have its very first championship on June 13th 2009.
The date has not be decided yet, but it will be on coming June.

The championship will open for three classes:
1. Pre-Junior and Junior (9 - 18 years)
2. Individual Tul / Pattern
3. Senior Matsogi Exhibition (Senior Sparring Exhibition)

The championship will be open for Jakarta, and it is open for ITF Taekwon-Do practitioner as well as other Taekwondo practitioners from different streams in respect of friendship.

Standing Fight rules are as follow:
Must wear: Hand-Glove, Foot-Glove, Lower-Arm Guard, Shin Guard, Groin Protector (worn under Dobok), Mouth Guard.
Must NOT wear: Head-Guard, Body-Protector.
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