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The Last Words of Gen. Choi Hong Hi

I am the man who has the most followers in the world.

I am the happiest man who has done everything to do in my life.

It is fortunate you have come.

Is Mr. Chang Ung here?

Mr. Rhee Ki Ha, it is good that you have come. I am glad that my son and daughters like you most.

You probably might know Mr. Chang Ung well. It is time to introduce Mr. Chang Ung proudly in public.

Please carry on propaganda that Mr. Chang Ung is the tallest and in the highest position in the ITF.

If only I had been as tall as Mr. Chang Ung, I could have had less opponents, however, as my body was so tiny that there were many opponents. Thus, all alone, I could not but fight against them for so long.

But I have never been worn out for the justice was on my side.

I have always worried about a successor to the President, however, my mind is set at ease for there is Mr. Chang Ung.

Mr. Hwang Kwang Sung, your duty is very big and important as a spokesman and the Chairman of the Merger Committee. It was my wish to merge the TaeKwon-Do into one. Please get on your own duty responsibly.

Mr. Park Jong Soo had immigrated into Canada in 1967.

Before that he educated TaeKwon-Do in Europe.

In 1972, I went to Canada where Mr. Park Jong Soo resided leaving my children behind without informing them.

In those days Taekwon-Do was not widely spread, so that I used to say to crave the words of TaeKwon-Do on my coffin.

Now Taekwon-Do has developed on a large scale.

I love Mr. Tom MacCallum.

I have always worried if he might die before me. In case he dies first, I have bee thinking how to help his family.

He has given the special contributions to the ITF.

I have no secrets to him.

Thank you very much for what you have done.

I love you.

Mr. Leong Wei Meng is a man of conscience indeed.

He has given a great contribution to educating the Taekwon-Do.

As I thought his finance is in a good condition, I drew his name out on the stockolders's list of the Chang Hon Foundation.

Mr. Hwang Jin is doing well on the way of Mr. Chon Jin Sik.

So I appointed him as a member of the Consultative Committee.

Please enlarge the Consultative Committee into 9 members. Here I appoint Mr. Jong Jae Hon.

My followers,

Taekwon-Do never exists without the D.P.R. of Korea.

You should know this.

The ITF is an International organization and does it need to argue about ideology?

Does the United Nations belong to the Black people because the Secretary General is Black?.

Please give up this kind of idea.

TaeKwon-Do must be Korean-centred.

Choi Jung Hwa lied me at the airport. I was again deceived. You ought to tell the public throughout the internet that I did not forgive Jung Hwa. I forgave him as a father, but the TaeKwon-Doists would never forgive him.

Before Jung Hwa apologizes TaeKwon-Doists the world over, he will never be forgiven. While I am still alive, you should send the message to the internet the soonest as possible. The TaeKwon-Do will exists forever.

(16.30 ~ 17.10) June 11, 2002
At the Hospital in Pyong Yang,
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea