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Training Secrets of Taekwon-Do
An old proverb says that even heaven cannot make a diligent worker, poor. However, in Taekwon-Do diligence or intensive training alone does not produce quality techniques instructor would be worse than not being taught at all because unscientific movements not only reduce the power but require a tremendous amount of time to correct.

On the other hand, under the proper guidance of a competent instructor, a student who trains earnestly with dedication will learn the true techniques of Taekwon-Do in a comparatively short period of time with less effort.

Student should keep in mind the following secret :
1. To study the theory of power thoroughly
2. To understand the purpose and meaning of each movement clearly.
3. To bring the movement of eyes, hands, feet and breath into a single coordinated acrion.
4. To choose the appropriate attacking tool for each vital shop.
5. To become familiar with the correct angle and distance for attack and defence.
6. Keep both the arms and legs bent slightly while the movement is in motion.
7. All movements must begin with a backward motion with very few exceptions.
8. To create a sine wave during the movement by utilizing the knee spring properly.